Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is without a doubt the number 1 Rehab Center in California. If you are considering it for yourself or your loved one, then certainly you are not going to get yourself or related one caged in any strict, boring surrounding. It will be one experience you are going to cherish for a lifetime.

Set up high in the hills, the Malibu Mansion is one luxurious facility which is literally beautiful. The view of the Pacific, along with that of the lush green trees is soothing. Being the most deluxe rehab, it has a lot to offer to those who can pay for it.

Passages Malibu puts its belief in the fact that people do drugs and alcohol due to various illnesses or weaknesses in the mind and body. They term addiction as a behavioral problem to be healed by specified therapies. The therapies vary from client to client. Therefore, a whole treatment team is assigned to each resident for taking care of their specified needs and requirements.

Well-tailored programs are designed, which do not take their roots in the 12-step based program being applied at every other rehab center in the region. The treatment team constitutes of therapists, hypnotherapists, nutritionists, spiritualists, masseuses, physical trainers and acupuncturists. Even medical doctors are invited over for routine visits if the cases requires so.

The passages Malibu treatment center has been marked as the leading holistic addiction treatment facility worldwide. Started in 2001, this stands for an innovative approach to the concept of addiction. The year’s old theory that addiction is a disease, is rejected by Chris Prentiss.  Chris, the businessmen from Los Angeles, created his own healing philosophy after he failed to get son rehabilitated through the renowned rehab centers. Now both father and son operate Passages without applying the 12-step based program. They provide individualized private therapy to the clients to find out the underlying issues; which lead them to do drugs or alcohol either as self-abuse or under self-medication. Once the root cause is traced, Passages Malibu makes sure you keep a distance from such kind of self-abuse in the future. All of the procedure is carried out with respect and dignity to make sure the client does not hesitate to share anything with the team. Depending on the program you choose, the team gives you 20 to 70 hours on average.

Throughout the stay, a personal assistant is provided to each resident to make sure no need is left unanswered. When it comes to food, nutrition is given top priority and the chef at Passages satisfies the taste buds of each and every resident. Even the food is cooked according to the requirement of every client. Hence, it is a treatment worth the cost paid. You name it and you get it at Passages Malibu. It is that kind of a rehab center where luxury is not compromised.

You can read more about Passages Malibu at Yelp.

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